Craft Shed

Craft Shed Update #2

What an interesting week it has been!

Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day right? Me and Justin worked hard to put in posts last Saturday. He said that was the fastest and smoothest something had gone in awhile. I was proud of our hard work and that we had not argued (not that much) through out the process. We measured from our neighbors survey post as she had just moved in last year and it was still there.

The company finally came back on Wednesday to come finish leveling. I had called them every day to see when they were coming to finish the job. Justin said I would never make it in construction. My mom said it’s a “southern thing” and no one is in a hurry to do anything and I should just get used to it (I am really trying). What made me the most aggravated on the wait was when the supervisor said “they will be back tonight (Last Thursday) to finish the job!” Then they don’t come back for 6 days. It’s done now so at least that is out of the way.

Fast forward to Friday. Justin was getting ready to work on the fence to finish it out. He goes out to the site and sees new flags and a rope right over our newly set posts. We obviously did not put them there and so he took that as a sign we were over the line. As a result he moved the 3 posts that were on the neighbors property. She came out later after she heard his ban saw. He told her that he already moved the posts and she was appreciative and said she had hired a surveyor to put new flags out. My mom said that costs $300-500, so I was definitely surprised (a bit shocked). We were just a few inches off, but it is better that it is fixed now, then later on down the road if we ever try to sell. Now we just got to keep our fingers crossed that I pass inspection on the building permit and that we are 5 feet from the property line.

Saturday I had the license contractor come out and look at the building. He is married to one of my coworkers and does an excellent job. I had seen a few pictures of a previous she shed he had done and I couldn’t wait to collaborate. He is going to wire it, place inside lights, a porch light, insulate it and dry wall, and build a loft for storage.

Here is a link to his Facebook business page: JK Woodworked Creations

We are planning to finish the outside of the shed today. We are going to put lattice around the bottom, steps, porch railings, and remove the 2 fence posts on the side. Stay tuned!

~Abigail Jean

Craft Shed

The Shed is Delivered Part 1

Well it’s been a very interesting past 2 days. I have learned a lot about what not to do and how some people don’t care about specifics of a job.

Mistake #1: the salesman did not send anyone to evaluate my land area before delivery even though I had mentioned this.

Mistake #2: they couldn’t put the shed with the porch facing out on the truck because it’s top heavy.

Mistake #3: The shed couldn’t be turned the way I wanted so tearing down the fence was for nothing, but now we have decided to build around the shed and extend the current fence, which will give the kids a bigger yard.

Mistake #4: I hope this is the last one! The delivery men didn’t finish leveling the building, and then it snowed on Friday so now I’m going to be hassling them to come fix it until they do. I’m ready for this to be over so I can be done with Tuff Shed, but I want it done right!

It snowed on Friday it looks so pretty.

Comment below if you have any horror stories of delivery or builders.

Until next time.

~Abigail Jean

Craft Shed

Craft Shed Update

Well nothing ever goes as planned these days. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. The Craft shed was supposed to be delivered Tuesday, but they called Monday and said that there was a mix up in schedule so they will be here on Thursday. Thank goodness it has not rained here in several days and the ground is dry and hard!

Some background research to do before buying a shed:

Find out if your county needs a building permit. (My building is over 12 feet high so they require it)

Measure your area in the yard and see what kind of leveling you will need.

Talk to your neighbor about the delivery and let them know that you will do your best to be respectful of their property.

Keep in mind that weather can effect your delivery time if other deliveries prior to yours get pushed back.

Building Permit requirements for my shed

The county inspection said that we need to be at least 5 feet from the neighbors property line. We fortunately still have the markers up from when we had our house surveyed a few years back.

I had to submit a drawing and how it will look on the blocks and how it will be anchored into the ground.

It cost me $95 for a residential building permit. The office took both cash and card, but it had to be exact cash so come prepared!

Prior to shed being delivered

I had my fence removed in the area I wanted it because I want the porch inside the yard. You don’t have to do that, but it is an option.

Remove any landscape or personal items that might be in the way.

Communicate with neighbors of the delivery.

After fence was removed

Stay tuned until the next post!

Comment below of any experiences you have had with building or delivering a shed!

~Abigail Jean

Craft Shed

I’m Thinking about getting a Shed.

Are you running out of space in your house? Did the pandemic of 2020 cause to start working from home? Do you want a space of your own to escape every day life? Then maybe a shed is just what you need.

I currently live in a 1500 square foot house that is 3 bedrooms 2 baths. I have a husband, 2 children, and a dog. The 3rd bedroom was meant to be probably an office of some sort. We moved into our house 6 years ago this January. It is a great starter home. Flash forward 6 years later and 2 kids later we are running out of room. So my next thought is why don’t we try to find a bigger home?

Reasons we don’t think its the right time to move: We aren’t exactly sure where we want to end up, our kids are still young, and the market is booming in our area. When I say it is booming it is a sellers market. The guy who lives next door sold his house in 1 day, had 10 offers and sold $10,000 above asking price!! My husband and I looked at 25 houses before finding our current house and that is a lot of pressure! I don’t want to be rushed into finding our dream home so for right now I think we will just stay where we are until we are ready.

So for my next thought, a She Shed/craft shed. It will create space in my home, eliminate clutter, and countless fights I have with my toddlers. (I can only hope!)

Here a few places to get your inspiration and start researching if a shed is right for you:

I recommend going out in your local community and actually going inside a few sheds. Some companies have websites where you can design your own, but its better to go and look in person to get an idea of the space. Take your measuring tape with you and consider what furniture you might put in it.

Finally, the last thing to think about: What is your budget?

Do you want to pay cash or finance it? See what the companies interest rate is first and then see if your bank offers something better! Mine did. Am I going to stay in my current house for awhile? Do I have enough money to hire a licensed contractor to finish it for me? Can I move it if I buy a new house? These are all things to consider about when making this decision.

I hope this helps get you started when thinking about buying a shed.

~Abigail Jean