Craft Shed

The Craft Shed Reno Week #5

Hey Folks!

It has been a wild ride already and I haven’t even started working on the inside. Here are my latest tiktoks to explain all that has taken place.

I called them very upset! They said we are going to make it out on Tuesday and fix it. I had my husband come out and work from home so he could be there when they come. Of course they call me 3 hours after they said they would be there and say they aren’t coming, but they would reschedule ASAP. Then they say Friday morning. Of course someone had Covid and they had to shut down the plant. I just decided to move forward with the job and get another company to move and then I will ask them to take some of the money they charged off after the fact.

After much discussion with the salesman I can say I am finally done with that company and got refunded part of the money. I would not recommend working with Tuff shed to anyone.

That is all for now. Next up installing lights!

Stay Tuned!

~Abigail Jean

Craft Shed

The Craft Shed Reno Week #4

Well, well, well this week has almost made me throw in the towel! Not literally, but it has been a doozy. So recapping from my last post the shed was supposed to get inspected last Thursday.

We added a nice Porch Railing!

I came home and saw no signature on the sheet that I had taped to the front door. I was confused so I called the inspectors office and got in touch with the man who was in charge. He said that he needed one picket removed so he could measure from the line and that we would need to remove the lattice so he could see the anchors because he did not see any there.

I got home from work and investigated the under pin of the shed and started taking pictures. My husband later on the next day took off all our lattice work and in fact there are no anchors!! I repeat there are no anchors! That means that the shed is not fully secured to the ground! It’s Saturday so I can’t get in touch with anyone at the company to complain about this shotty workmanship.

So they did level the shed, but they did not complete the job and yeah I am pretty upset about it. So basically if a tornado came right now the shed would be gone!!

I started doing some more research about the delivery process that the salesman never shared with me. There was a video and this whole process to complete before they came that he told me nothing about. When I asked him about the requirements because our backyard is kind of on a hill he never said here is our website that has all the information or here is a sheet of facts of what to do.

Fast forward to Monday. I emailed all the pictures to the salesman and spoke with him about my concerns. I asked him why he never told me about the prep work and he said it was just a misunderstanding. I talked to the delivery guy again and scheduled someone to come out and fix all the things and install the anchors. They will hopefully be here on Thursday!

Update- Due to the rain they will not be coming until Saturday! I know that it will all be worth it in the end, but I am ready to get started and want this shed to be complete!

Stay Tuned!

~Abigail Jean

Craft Shed

Craft Shed Reno Week #3

Updates as of 1/19/2021

Hey all not much has been going down at the craft shed this week. We put in the lattice as you see in the video above. We used a chalk pull string from Lowe’s Hardware to measure the area we put it, the ground is not level so it was not an easy job. Hopefully we will be putting some wood planks over the top soon and painting it white to make it look even better.

Then we took down the 2 original posts that were from the original fence. I am excited the kids will have a little bit more room to run around.

The inspector is supposed to be coming out on Thursday to measure so keep our fingers crossed that all goes well so we can move forward with the electrical work.

Stay tuned!

~Abigail Jean